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Arielle's Special Celebration

Full Name


Arielle's Mother shares HERstory.....

Arielle's mother shared that her daughter would like an Among Us cake. Her favorite flavor is vanilla & her favorite colors black, pink, and green. She loves gaming, tiktok & also loves Harry Potter.

"We appreciate you volunteering to be Arielle’s sugar Angel."
Her mother kindly shared her beautiful daughters' story.... While Arielle is not our medical fragile child, she has had her scares in life. Arielle was born at 32 weeks gestation because I had help syndrome. She was in NICU for 2 long months, she coded and needed CPR a time or two on her little 3lb body. Upon release from the NICU she was home for about a month before family members instructed us to take her take her to hospital due to fevers and loss of appetite. We were promptly taken back and after several tests she was diagnosed with GBS Bacterial Meningitis. She was admitted to ICU for two months on IV Antibiotics. She was given an ototoxic medication that had caused hearing loss. She is now a tall, sassy, bright child.
Thank you again." It is my pleasure and truly an honor to bake for these children who deserve so much more with all their little bodies have to endure. Seeing that smile and expression when they see their cake, makes it all worthwhile!

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