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Cake & Bake Classes

     Classes are taught by myself, Felicia Miranda, I am a personal Pastry Chef and a Baking and Pastry Arts graduate from the Culinary Institute of America here in San Antonio.  I have passion for creating EDIBLE ART and can't wait to share what I have learned with you.  Classes are held in my home based kitchen and lessons are taught with love.  I look forward to meeting you!!​

  • Minimum of 3 people to schedule a class

  • Available Tues/Thurs  5:30pm, or Sat 12pm

  • Full payment is required to book a class with confirmation provided 48 hours prior to class

Please sign up no later than 6pm Saturday for the following week.

Space is limited so reserve your spot now!!

Cookie Baking Workshop

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn about the creaming method and proper mixing techniques for sugar cookie, snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies including:

  • Learn about ingredients and temperature best for mixing methods to make cookie dough

  • Proper baking techniques

  • Garnish and decorate finished product

  • $45 per person, ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. Each student takes home 6 cookies

Buttercream Basics Workshop

 In this 3 hour workshop you will learn the basics of working with buttercream including:

  • How to make buttercream icing from scratch

  • Level, stack & crumbcoat a straight cake

  • Add final coat of buttercream, icing a smooth cake

  • Prep & fill a pastry bag with couplers & piping tips

  • Simple piping techniques like shells, zigzags, e-scrolls & rosettes

  • Decorate cake

  • $55 per person, ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. Each student takes home their own 6" cake 

Cake Design Workshop

In this 3 hour workshop you will design your own custom 'Basket of Flowers' cake using buttercream including:

  • How to pipe buttercream flowers like a rose, daisy & sunflower

  • Different coloring methods in/outside of pastry bags

  • How to pipe basketweave effect

  • $55 per person, ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. Each student takes home their own basket cake 

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